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Abuse awareness & February notes

By H-P, 02/21/20, 3:15PM CST


Abuse Awareness requirements and other Notes

The abuse awareness training will be required every 2 years and it is set in the system to be manually audited by me, so, I will need you to email me a copy of your certificate of training. Although I can accept training from other sources (High School, work place, the Protect Youth Sports of which you took the background check…..) The official site for Legion baseball abuse awareness training is the:

So, please send me a .pdf of your team insurance and the abuse certificate of training (for each adult on the roster). We will retain a database from year to year so that only the new people listed on the roster will need to send one in. That is, until your every other year comes due. The certificate will also need to be in your team book for the seeding meeting.f

Background checks are also manually audited by me, but there is a separate system for that and I can see who has done one.

Rule books and new forms have been posted on the website.

Rule books and other material will be mailed in hard copy, one per team to the managers once registration is completed on May 15th.

ID cards for players are mandatory and free. ID card form is on the website, must be signed by the team manager or head coach. Can be mailed, faxed or emailed.

Reminder of important dates:

- May 1st: Team registration must be submitted and in the system
- May 15th: All fees paid and insurance purchased: Team Approved – teams cannot be approved until the background checks are completed and the fees are paid.
- May 31st: All Transfer Forms (Form 76’s) must be completed and turned into me or Department (rule of thumb, If a player does not attend your school, you probably need to do a Transfer Form 76)
- June 6th: Tournament Director meeting
- June 15th Last day, Rosters must be submitted into the National System
- June 30th: NLT day to get ID cards in a timely manner

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