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Legion baseball season, COVID-19 information as of 3/20/2020

By H-P, 03/20/20, 2:30PM CDT


NE Legion baseball 2020 progress report

Coaches and Managers

Unfortunately, I do not know any more than you do. We too are trying to navigate the situation with the intent of continuing business as usual while fulfilling our reasonability’s to the public by following the government guidelines.

It appears for now, that both the NSAA and the Legion are setting a meeting discussion time of every 2 weeks. For the Legion, the next will be April 2nd. The intent will be to have a season, even if it turns out to be a short one.

By law, we cannot do away with these requirements: Background checks, Concussion training, Abuse Awareness training.

Here is what I recommend: Now is a good time to get all those things out of the way. Continue to register your team, list your manager and maybe one other coach. Have the Manager and that one other coach do the background check. DO NOT pay registration fees and insurance at this time. DO “submit” the team. We have many teams still in the “Draft” mode and that makes it difficult to approve the background check and the Abuse awareness training. Once I know that you should be paying your registration fees and getting your insurance, I will announce it. Now is also the time you should be requesting the birth ID cards for player who do not have one, emailing form 2’s and birth ID card requests, Emblem usage requests to screen print the patch and whatever else by email will not spread the virus – well, at least not the covid-19 one – a couple of you have tried to infect my PC over the years.

So, recap

1) Register the team, put at a minimum, the team manager in place
2) submit that team without paying registration or getting insurance
3) take the online course for Abuse awareness and send me the .pdf of your certificate (this must be every adult listed on the team)
4) take the background check (again every adult)
5) email out the form 2, have your players fill it out, scan it and send it back to you
6) fill out the Birth ID card request, scan it and email it to me
7) complete the concussion training (required every 2 years)
8) check our website for updates

All forms can be found under the “Forms” tab at

Form 2 is at

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