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Legion baseball season, COVID-19 information as of 4/10/2020

By H-P, 04/10/20, 5:30PM CDT


New guidelines and **financial information**

Determination of a 2020 Regular Playing Season - Any determination regarding regular season play within the American Legion, Department of Nebraska will come from Department leadership and/or Department Athletic Committee.  Should the Nebraska American Legion choose not to sanction a regular playing season in 2020, notification to the teams in as much that the season is canceled will be posted on this website and use of The American Legion name, emblem and baseball logo will no longer be authorized the remainder of the 2020 calendar year. Any participation in the sport of baseball using any portion of the Legion emblem or Legion baseball logo will then be prohibited.

Until such time as determined by the Department and/or The Athletic Committee makes a determination, the Athletic Committee recommends that all Legion programs continue to follow local, State and federal guidelines for covid-19 safety. That the registration process and all administrative requirements continue.

Risk Management - Those team managers, coaches, and volunteer staff who have not (of their own accord) canceled 2020 regular season play are still required to complete background screening and abuse awareness training prior to any meetings, events, practices or games that involve youth participants.   

Annual National Registration Fee – With cancelation of the 2020 American Legion World Series and eight regional tournaments the Americanism Commission has suspended assessing teams an annual national registration fee ($50 for senior teams; $25 for junior teams).  Refunds for those teams having previously paid a national registration fee are automatically forthcoming – it is not necessary for a team to request that refund and those refunds will be received by teams no later than June 30th.   

Administrative Fee – The administrative fee ($35) assessed during the online registration process is non-refundable and will continue to be assessed for all teams during the online process.  This fee offsets administrative costs that include, but not limited to, credit card processing fees, annual update and maintenance of the online registration system, and printing and shipping costs of the annual American Legion Baseball Rule Book.   

Department Fees – If Nebraska cancels the season then teams having already paid applicable department fees through the online registration process will be refunded.  

Roster Deadline - The deadline of June 25th is suspended requiring teams to submit an 18-man roster in accordance with American Legion Baseball National Rule 6.E. due to cancellation of the Regional tournaments and World series

Insurance Purchase Process and Refunds – In accordance with American Legion Baseball National Rule 1.N. Teams must purchase both group liability and accident insurance from K&K Insurance by June 1st.  Teams whose department has not canceled 2020 regular season play will continue to purchase mandatory insurance through the online registration process.  For those teams who may fail to form, June 25th is the deadline for initiating a refund of insurance premiums.   

Any team seeking an insurance refund must contact the Nebraska Activities Directors office, who will in turn contact K&K Insurance on their behalf to initiate that refund.   

K&K Insurance will not issue, sell or sanction claims for American Legion Baseball insurance to teams if the Nebraska season is canceled.

The Nebraska American Legion Athletic Committee continues to recommend that all teams - 

1) Register the team, put at a minimum, the team manager in place
2) submit that team without paying registration or getting insurance
3) take the online course for Abuse awareness and send me the .pdf of your certificate (this must be every adult listed on the team)
4) take the background check (again every adult)
5) email out the form 2, have your players fill it out, scan it and send it back to you
6) fill out the Birth ID card request, scan it and email it to me
7) complete the concussion training (required every 2 years)
8) check our website for updates

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