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Legion baseball season, COVID-19 information as of 4/17/2020

By H-P, 04/17/20, 10:45AM CDT


Rumor Control

There appears to be rumors out there that NE has a set date to decide on a season or not, not true. So far, 15 Departments have now cancelled their season. Nebraska is NOT one of them.

As of this posting, the Nebraska Athletic Committee has made no determination of a baseball season, or even setting a date to make that decision. The committee continues to take its guidance from the Governor just as all citizens of NE should do. On that list is #4 - no group sports

The Committee recommends that teams and programs continue to complete as much of the administrative requirements as possible (see below post dated 4/10)

Some good news is that Hastings will retain the Region 4 post season tournament for 2021. For 2022 and 2023 Nebraska teams will then move back to competing in Region 6.

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