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Legion baseball season, COVID-19 information as of 5/20/2020

*updated June 1 guidance

By H-P, 06/04/20, 1:00PM CDT


Signup requirements and process

The Nebraska American Legion will host baseball for a regular season only

All items that were previously paid for on the National online registration system will be automatically refunded, you do not need to request it. You will need to acquire separate insurance.

There will not be a fee for registration for Nebraska American Legion baseball for 2020. By registering for Nebraska American Legion baseball, you agree to follow all rules, regulations and policies of the organization.

The previously posted 2020 rule book is no longer valid, there will be a revised edition posted when completed and approved. Updated rule book will be online only.

Teams who do not register are not authorized to wear or display either the American Legion emblem or the American Legion baseball patch.

To register for participation in Nebraska American Legion baseball, teams will need to:

- Required: before any practice or play: insurance that includes the following: accidental medical, general liability and cannot exclude sexual abuse/molestation and lists the “The American Legion Department of Nebraska” as an additional insured.

- The insurance purchased through the National on-line registration process is void and will be refunded. You will need to acquire your own insurance.

If your insurance does not have sexual abuse/molestation, then you cannot register a team. The Department of Nebraska recommends the use of; go to the tabs on the left hand side of the screen; click on “sports”; there will be a pop out and you would need to choose “amateur teams leagues and associations” (be sure you chose to add the optional sexual abuse & molestation). The same requirements are required if you choose some other insurance. 

- Required before June 18: a copy of your insurance must be sent to the Department no later than June 18.

- Required: fill out and send in the Nebraska registration and roster form no later than June 18 (2020 Registration&Roster form)

Registration form and copy of insurance can be sent, via email, fax (402) 464-6330, or mail to; PO Box 5205, Lincoln, NE 68505

- the National form 2 is not to be used, the use of the Nebraska Indemnification form is required for all players and must be on hand at all practices and games. The indemnification from should be retained at the team level for up to 4 years. (NALB Player Agreement)

- background checks are required before coaches can participate

- Required before coaches can participate: abuse awareness and concussion certificate of training (these are State and Federal Law for youth sports)

- a copy of the most current Nebraska Youth Sports DHS covid-19 guidelines is required to be on hand at practices and games. Check for updates, June 1st guidelines 

- June-1-Statewide-Sports-Reopening-Guidelines
- Outdoor-Stadium-Arena-and-Racetrack-Event-Guidance

Items that will be further defined once the rule book is completed

- Form 76 is still required but it will be kept at the team level, should there be a conflict between teams on the player, the form 76 will be requested and reviewed by the Athletic Committee for assessment. (Form 76)

- Since there is no Post-season playoff system for 2020, high school enrollment is mute, however, the total enrollment of all schools remains at the cap of 6000

- pitching rules will remain the same is previously indicated and will be in the new rule book

- re-entry and courtesy runner for regular season will remain the same

- roster size will increase to 24 for 2020 (that will go back to 18 for future seasons unless the National office changes it)

- the use of sunflower seeds and the control of spitting will be left up to the host team, coaches and umpires

- the ejection protocol remains the same.

Recommendations but not requirements

- a covd-19 release form is recommended but not required and kept at team level (team waiver for your use)

- birth cards are optional but the request form should still be submitted this year as the cards are valid for the entire time a player is eligible, so can be used for following seasons.

- Masks worn by players coaches and umpires is recommended but are per the most current government guidelines.

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