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k&k Sending insurance renewal email

By H-P, 04/14/21, 4:00PM CDT


insurance renewals from last year are NOT valid for 2021 Season

Last year, when Nationals pulled the plug on supporting a season. We here in NE strongly recommended that you get independent insurance but still use the same k&k company. That was NOT Legion group insurance, that was independent team insurance.

K&k recently sent a renewal notice to those teams from last year, telling people from last year, that it was time to renew their insurance. THAT EMAIL IS NOT for the 2021 LEGION season sanctioned group insurance. DO NOT purchase insurance if they say it is a renewal.

Only the link provided when you register a LEGION team has the correct address for the correct insurance, all be it still from k&k, just from a different section of them.

If you have already done so, contact Hollie at so that she can cancel the independent insurance and get you into the Legion side of k&k.

The deadline to have a completely registered and approved team is May 15th, we are getting close and there are way to many teams still in “DRAFT”. Please go back in an finish the registration by reaching the end where you have to agree to all the check blocks and submit the team. Easiest way to identify this is the far left of the screen, all the categories should be the color green and not a different color.

Just a short reminder that we are getting away from mass emails unless there is a short notice issue. So please get used to checking this website for information.

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