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Notes of interest from the 2017 Post Season meeting

By H-P, 10/27/17, 9:00AM CDT


Coaches notes of interest

2017 Post Season Coaches/TD meeting
These are the potential rule changes that will be voted on at the 2018 Pre Season meeting in January. If you have input on any of these changes, contact your Area Committee Representative. Exact wording of rule will be finalized at that time also.

SA Van Dyk Insurance Costs for 2018 have not been set, you will get the cost as soon as we do. State and National fees remain the same.
7 inning games at all levels of play

1.08 UNIFORMS: coaches can wear pullovers of different color and will no longer be required to have the team uniform on under the pullover – however, the requirement to have a Legion Baseball patch ON that pullover remains in effect along with the penalty outlined in NALB rule 1.08 of the State rule book.

1.10 DUAL ROSTER PLAYERS:  NE will adopt the National rule for number of DR players.

                NALB Rule Book 1.10 DUAL ROSTER PLAYERS: Coaches may dual roster players between affiliated teams on both the junior and senior roster. Only three (3) players (Class A) from the Junior roster, five (5) players (Class B & C) can be dual rostered onto the Senior team, not to exceed the 18 players. A Junior player that will be a Dual Roster player must be listed on BOTH the Junior and Senior rosters that are submitted. Deadline for dual roster of players is June 15th. Once Junior Post Season Tournaments start, Junior Players are locked into the Junior Program until eliminated.

                National Rule Book E.1. Dual Roster. For those American Legion Baseball programs that have affiliated senior and junior teams, junior eligible players may dual roster on the senior roster and dual participate on both teams. However, senior eligible players may not dual participate on a junior team. The dual roster player must appear on both senior and junior National Form #1 to be eligible to dual participate on both senior and junior teams.
*** A shorter way of putting it, you can DR up to the 18 players aloud on the roster

2.05 Protective Equipment: In the past, the National rule did not require a mask on a coach if they were the catcher for a pitcher during warmup pitches, it now does. NALB Rule 2.05 has always had this requirement, so no change at State level.

2.09 PITCHING: Pitch Count MAX has changed and DAYS REST has changed, see
Now 105 max – 4 days rest
   - Increased 3 day rest level to 80 pitches
   - no pitch for intentional walk
   - count for JR/SR team only (age chart is honor system by coach)                                  
    - 2 appearances in 3 days (Definition of “Appearance” changed to “toe the rubber” or “Take the mound”)
   - With new appearance definition, suspended game with pitcher @ <30, will get 2nd appearance next day.
   - remove 12 second rule

Season to Season rotation for Post Season – will be revised because Areas 5-7 do not meet up with 1-4 in a sequential format. See back of 2017 rule book for previous version, new version forthcoming

Points of Emphasis – coaches MUST have Form 2’s at ALL GAMES during year

Items tabled for research or more discussion:
- remove class C 350 rule for emancipated players

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